Why Pilates?

I am sure many of us already heard about Pilates is a refreshing mind-body workout. It emphasizes breathing efficiently, corrects the spine, concentrates on smooth flowing movement, it is gentle but also it is challenging and helps you to tone up.

To put this into more technical context, a very nice and simple roll down&roll up sequence would be helpful to understand the benefits of Pilates in short. For instance, the longer the lever the more muscular effort is required to bring about the contraction. So just consider this, by laying down on the mat with engaged core muscles, straight legs and flexed heels, rolling your spine up and down with extended arms over your head and holding weighted balls just to add even more resistance could have more impact on your body than doing abs crunch 20 times with a fast pace.

More Reasons to love Pilates

There are several reasons which make Pilates an essential part of our life and which I can possibly mention here only few.

Why is Pilates a good way to switch off your brain by concentration? When I read Pilates is all about concentration alone, this confuses my mind. This has to be discussed together with motor skills. Please expand below statements to freshen up your mind and to have wow effect 🙂

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